Research Group on Sustainable Energy Innovation


Sinergia is the Group on Sustainability and Innovation in Renewable Energies from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) with researchers from the Florianopolis Campus, Blumenau Campus and from other Institutions from Brazil and overseas. It is oriented at studying the major global transitions that shape our time, which is: the energy transition towards renewables and the sustainability transitions towards clean technologies. Its research aims at understanding how such transitions can speed up; analyzing the current techno-economic paradigms shaping energy and sustainability transitions, and proposing new and/or better solutions and policies towards its goal.


Our aim is to contribute in speeding up the transition to a sustainable and cleaner energy society



Our research looks for answers to a more sustainable energy transition by studying how renewable energies are developed, diffused and deployed in Brazil and other developing countries. We do so by applying different tools, methodologies and theoretical frameworks.

Electric Vehicle Technology

Solar Energy Technology

Wind Energy Technology

Biogas Energy Technology


Innovation Systems

The Innovation Systems approach give the overall framework by which renewable energy diffusion is a complex issue which depends not only of technological factors but also of political, economic and social ones.

System Dynamics

Systems dynamics modeling enables both a qualitative and a quantitative understanding of complex issues, allowing to find answers at different analytical levels.

Future Studies

Through foresight, it offers a lense of multiple possible and viable scenarios which are the outcome of decisions and policies at present time and which can influence the future in different ways.


Bibliometrics and scientometrics allow to assess quantitatively the state of art of a specific scientific field. In the case of renewable energy technologies, advances are seen constantly and therefore it is important to keep pace of them.

Patents Analysis

Patent counts help assessing the state of technological development of a particular technology. It can measure the performance of the innovation system by means of the growth of patenting.


Agent-based Modeling allows to elicit agents micro-behavior, such as of consumers of a renewable energy technology. It can be used in conjunction by system dynamics in order to develop robust hibrid models.


Our team is composed by undergraduate students, master students, doctoral students, post-docs, national and international colleagues with competencies and skills in the various theoretical frameworks, methodologies and tools we use, such as system dynamics, innovation systems, foresight and bibliometrics.



FAPEU Building, 3rd Floor. Federal University of Santa Catarina. Campus UFSC-Trindade. Florianopolis. SC. 88040-900. Brazil. Geo Coordinates: -27.600228, -48.519396