Solar Technology

The rapid increase of solar power generation and itsĀ continuing trend in the future call for new and multidisciplinary research approaches. In particular, we are interested in deepening the knowledge and understanding of the two mainstream solar technologies: solar PV and concentrating solar power (CSP) and on how they can be better deployed in Brazil and in other developing countries.

Solar PV Technology

New materials and advances in power generation have surrounded Solar PV Technology so far. Little, has been done, however, on the socio-technical aspects of its development, in particular in Brazil and other developing countries.

Our research, in this sense, aims at uncovering the main inducing and blocking mechanisms from the social, technical and economic perspectives and in proposing policy advise on its diffusion.

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

CSP Technology has thrive in both developed and developing countries elsewhere, however, factors such as economics and policy have undermined its development and deployment in Brazil. We aim at understanding how can this technology become cost-effective and in doing so, how can it be better supported by policy.

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