Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EV) are a promising strategy for de-carbonizing the transport sector. There are many types of EVs, including battery-powered electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

Each one of these technologies offers specific advantages but also specific challenges for Brazil and other developing countries.


Our research is particularly interested in understanding the diffusion patterns of alternative fuel vehicles in Brazil, by taking into account the institutional and regulatory framework of the country, the product and service platform including, for instance, charging stations across the nation and the, both, successful and unsuccessful policies abroad.


We are currently developing two projects related to AFVs:

1) a PIBIC project which is focused on developing a system dynamics model and future scenarios on AFV diffusion; and

2) a Postdoc project which is focused on understanding the policies and regulatory framework in Brazil in order to propose more robust policies by using simulation.


We are currently finishing the revision of an article submitted to the Journal of Cleaner Production, with colleagues from UFSC.

Also, several papers are being developed to be presented at conferences and to be submitted to journals in the forthcoming months.

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