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Mauricio Uriona Maldonado

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Welcome to my webpage! I am an Associate Professor at UFSC at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, in Florianopolis, Brazil. My research interests are Clean Tech, broadly speaking (Renewable Energies, Electric Vehicles, and the Transition away from fossil fuels) and my main methodology is System Dynamics.

I have been a visiting scholar at Universität Bremen (Germany), University of Tampere (Finland), Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain). Besides my formal training, I have been trained in system dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and in innovation policy at the University of Tampere (Finland). My previous project experience span the Energy, Software and Telecom sectors.

I earned my PhD in Knowledge Management and Engineering at UFSC with co-supervision at Duke University (USA). Before joining UFSC, I was a consultant in innovation management at the Federação da Indústrias de Santa Catarina (FIESC). Find my full cv here (in Brazilian format) and the international format, here.



Strategic IT Management

EPS7008 – Gestão Estratégica de Tecnologia de Informação.

This class is supported by many partners that have agreed to share their world-leading tools with us, including:

  • DataCamp, the world-leading learning platform for data science and analytics. 
  • Tableau, the world-leading software platform for business intelligence and data visualizations.
  • RStudio, the world-leading company in advancing applications in R.

Decision Analysis

EPS7009 – Teoria da Decisão


Product, process and service innovation

Breve descrição aqui…


My current research interests have led me investigate how countries transition from high- to low-carbon and resource efficient economies. I study these transitions in the fields of renewable energy and electric mobility by:
  • assessing governance processes,
  • evaluating policy instruments and business models, and
  • exploring policy scenarios for sustainable futures by means of computer modeling.

See our research themes:

Biogas Energy Technology

Wind Energy Technology

Electric Vehicle Technology

Solar Energy Technology

My recent (selected) publications:

  • Product-service systems in solar PV deployment programs: What can we learn from the California Solar Initiative? 2019. RESOURCES CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING, with J. Schmidt and O. Possamai;
  • The impact of CO2 mitigation policies on light vehicle fleet in Brazil. 2019. ENERGY POLICY, with L. Benvenutti and L. Campos;
  • Innovation system policy analysis through system dynamics modelling: a systematic review. 2018. Science and Public Policy, with S. Grobbelaar;
  • Diffusion of photovoltaic technology in Germany: A sustainable success or an illusion driven by guaranteed feed-in tariffs?. 2018. ENERGY, with L. Baur;
  • A functions approach to improve sectoral technology roadmaps. 2017. TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, with C. Haddad;
  • Long term diffusion dynamics of alternative fuel vehicles in Brazil. 2017. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, with L. Benvenutti and A. Ribeiro.


System Dynamics

Simulation modeling tool and method for policy testing and design. It allows testing the long-term impact of policies.

Sustainability Transitions

It is our theoretical framework to study transitions to sustainable energy sources. They are long-term transformation processes of established industries, socio-technical systems and societies to more sustainable modes of production and consumption.


Our method to conduct integrative and comprehensive literature reviews including ingredients from Scientometrics and Systematic Review methods.


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. First Floor, room 27. Federal University of Santa Catarina. Address: Campus UFSC. Florianópolis. SC. 88040-900. Brazil. Geo-coordinates: -27.601083, -48.517953